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May 28, 2012

Them People In This Family Used Me For A Scapegoat

my grandmother told me Clara Pumphrey was married to a man named Willie and when he was killed in a hotel room,she tried to get his benefits and she could not get his benefits because he was married already to someone else legally a bigamy in the 1955-1956 the grandmother told me she had to put Clara in a mental institution and that was not my fault either, I didn’t have nothing to do with that at all. I don’t apreciate being used for nobody’s damn scapegoate that is very dangerous.

this is nothing but unprovoked abuse and unjustified punishment from  the start, then why noone never even bothered to tell me why and not one single person even bothered to tell me the truth and I didn’t deserve to be rejected,blamed and punished for me being born with albinism and what about when I was born an innocent baby like all other babies well the father turned his back on me and he was not emotionally available for me to the point  to where I ended up looking for DADDY and my children’s father is a daddy figure by more than 30 years my age and that was because I needed LOVE NOT HATRED;  they just punished me and they watched me suffer for the deeds that I did not do. I was not wanted by this family at all; then why was I treated very differently and cruely by the family  and every thing is my S from the start and was picked on for several years and they made fun of me and they treated my children the same way too, and my son Alexander  was so man handled by them people ,they nearly killed him and I had to take my son Vincent  from a program because they picked on him too and his files were missing from a day program, there was a safety concern for all 3 of us. and for several years the gossip about me was so serious to the point to where it has caused me great reputational harm and to the point to when I want to communicate and work with other people  I am greatly ignored to where a lot of people don’t seem to care to understand and to listen to what I am trying to explain.  Every body treated me like a retarded child and a little girl and every body all up in my personal business and  all up in my personal life . they don’t even accept me as one of their own relative and I can see that. I can tell, I am not no dumb person, I’m not like that and I was abused so badly I had night mares,  I even had a low self esteem because of the derogatory and racist name calling that hurted me and for years they called me that, well that was not my fault, I was born with Albinism and  that is  an inherited  genetic condiction and that is not my fault at all, and some of them people said that is not in the family and that’s not my fault either; I really do wish that the people who never wanted me in the first place just leave me alone altogether and just leave my kids alone all every body did was just use me and my children and they always did just walk all over me and my children and them people never had no love for me no way.that because I was notthing to them people and my children are not nothing to them people either and what they think of me, them people think the same way about my kid ,they don’t have any kind of love for my children because my children are nothing to them people. I am wondering why when I needed to be removed from the home for my own protection and my safety why no body came to remove me from the that family that was not right and that is not fair to me. I gotten blamed,abandoned,punished and bullied and the people on Carmella Barber the mother side of the family,they never taken the time with  me and the people on Nelson the father side of the family, they never taken the time with me either; It was not my fault and it was not right for them people to just use me for their excuse. I never even lived a normal life. How can anybody have a normal child hood,adult hood and future, with my freedom being very restricted. and I did go to a medical front office training school program and that was sabotaged on me too,things got all changed around. I did lose the SSI income in September 1997 and I was not able to ever get back on it no matter what. and I came back to Chicago Illinois in spring 2003 and I did apply for a medicaid card and they never did give any. and I did apply again in 2011 the letter came back,it said I was not eligible for any,cash assistance,SNAP food stamps and no medical card at all and I don’t even work because I am very sick right now and I have health issues and I need help and no one is willing to help me out; It is a darn crying shame I don’t have a family that  I can trust, my health is being neglected I did a  lot of volunteer work and unpaid work I tried to help the community in Milwaukee,WI the best way that I could but I should have been help too many years ago and I gave selflessly far too much of my time to others and for others but I am wondering can anybody volunteer their time to help me out please I AM CRYING OUT FOR HELP  can anybody please help me out and it is a crying shame because I had no steady income since I lost my suppmental income in September 1997 and the hatred against me really did put me at a total lost and I nearly lost one of my children and the parent don’t talk to me and the siblings don’t want nothing to do with me either, that is the whole family. I don’t feel really confortable with them no way because they never did approve of me from the beginning and so it is best for me to just stay out of their way. it is really rough on me and this is not too good.  I really do need to get a break and a make over.  They sneaked and married me off behind my back and changed birth dates on me and they changed birth dates on my children,they are really very very hateful to me and my children;  they NEVER DID HAVE NO KIND OF MERCY ON ME AT ALL AND THEY DON’T HAVE NO KIND OF MERCY ON MY CHILDREN AT ALL EITHER NO THEM PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DON’T. NO THEY DON’T.

May 21, 2012

Why take unwanted children home?

The parents who took me home to this family should have left me behind and gave me a first and second of life so that I can live like a human being and hope for the best for me and for my sake and to allow me to receive the unconditional love and support that every child really do need and so that I  may have a future and not have my freedom restricted, and so that I would not have been played with like a toy and an object, them people toyed with my life, I suffered many losses and I nearly lost one of my children, them people never had no kind of love for me at all because I was not nothing to them people. They watched have my children behind my back just like you watch an animal give birth on the Discovery channel and over the years I gotten labeled like an object and I was chosen right behind my back and they did put tracking numbers on me from the start, such as 7,11,13,25,28,49,65 and 666 and I did see that and they been acting hostile and very superstitious about me and towards me and Carmella side of the family is from New Orleans LA. I am not trying to be funny because something is serious wrong somewhere. And why do got enemies I did not make and I did not provoke it no I did not do that and how did I get enemies that I didn’t know nothing about and they didn’t know nothing about either, that’s because somebody who don’t like been gossiping about me and they slandered me and they are liable to the letter and everybody do think I am a dumb bell and that I am lacking in intelligence, I am not a retarded person, I am not like that at all and all everybody did was just walked all over me and they stepped all over me and full of pure hatred, I never did know nothing about love because the hatred they got against me that was not no kind of love for me at all. I know the difference between love and hatred.

I am wondering why would a woman who don’t really want a child take child home to the family and all at the same time the husband flat out denied the child is his and then the father and the child never did get along and they never did see eye to eye at all and I was always afraid that man ; when he pulls up in the car. I would go straight to my bedroom so that I wouldn’t get in trouble with him. And he did make me develop very bad nerves and then her son named Tyrone Barber use to sneak up behind me and groped me he used to grab and squeeze both of my personal right and left breast calling them knobs and at the same time it happened more than once and I did tell Carmella Barber that yes I did tell her that.  I was watching TV the movie was in black and white, I sat down on the sofa he put his fingers in my behind.  I jumped up and I told him to stop! I yelled at him. Years later Tyrone Barber was arrested in Chicago, IL and he was charged with Pedophilia and he was registered with the state of Illinois.

Tyrone Barber pulled me in the wagon and he turned it over on me he made me hit my head on the brick wall outside of the house and I got a large bump on my face right in the middle of my face and I was crying because I got hurt and I was in pain and I never did forget that at all. Another problem I had is I was much too nice to people and they took me for a dumb ass instead and I should have been raised somewhere else. You don’t tread somebody who have albinism like a dumb ass, ignorance do kill. And it is wrong.

She deliberately isolated me and I don’t have any friends and I got hurt by everything. I got taken out of I In September 1961 at 5 year of age, I started kindergarten class and I didn’t get to finish. And when I return to school at age 7½ years old, that was 6 month just before I turned 8 years old and age 10, I got transferred to another school and entered a 3rd grade class and then I got bullied and picked on and targeted. I was targeted in elementary and high schools. And they still treated me like a child who does not know any better. And I’m still living, my life is not normal even today. I suffered depression for several years. It was situational depression because of family abuse I was put through and the family still turns their back on me. And I also suffer nightmares. I suffered years of child abuse and child neglect. I was hurt by everything from the start. Why do people listen to everybody else. And why do people ignore me; people always been ignoring me for far too many years and for far too long and for that length of time I don’t want to live like this,  This is not the way for me to live. This is not nothing can’t support your own self that don’t make no kind of sense at all; no it don’t.

May 15, 2012

All I Got Was Everlasting Ass Hoe Treatment

They interrupted my stay in kindergarten class, I ended up around grown adults in an unhealthy enviroment when I should have been in school with other children because I really did need that socialization like all other children, I didn’t deserve to be isolated it was wrong.
I am wondering how many parents don’t want their childern to go to school. especially in nursery and kindergarten elementary school to interact with their peer group and to get that socialization children really need, no child deserves to be criminally isolated it is very wrong from the start to do any child like that and especially for a Black American child and any other minority child and all walks of life as well and Black minorities have to fight for their civil rights to attend school and why would a mother, especially a Black American mother take her child from a kindergarten class and the child don’t have no medical problems and not hospitalized ,why would you do that to the child,TAKE THEM AWAY FOR THAT SOCIALIZATION? I THINK IT IS STRANGE. DON’T YOU ALL. Look what happened to me and what about the plan to keep a child out of school and the child return nearly 3 years later and a plan to make the child repeat the same damn grade for 2 years in a row for example; grade 3rd age 10,
grade 4th age 12
grade 5th age 14
grade 6th age 16
grade 7th age 18
grade 8th age 20
grade 9th age 22
grade 10th age 24
grade 11th age26

May 13, 2012

A Child Is Born Innocent

Anybody who don’t want a child takes a child home to their family. They are robbing the child’s right of his or her life and their future. They will be very hostile and  very cruel towards that child and no child is beneath  Nobody like that I don’t care who they are. We are people and it doesn’t matter.and Patricia Metcalf Barber waited 13 years before she took me to her house,  there is a sibling rivalry, I am wondering why would you move in that person’s home when they never liked you. she told me When he or she leaves town, you can stay in my place and when I ask how much will she charge me to stay in her house he told me I won’t charge you nothing.   Houses aren’t free to live in somebody got to pay for the house she told me that;  what are they getting at? And she never did  ike me at all. That doesn’t looks safe. It’s a set-up and it’s a trap. but and after she told me I can stay in her house for free.later she sent me a text message telling me House is expensive to up keep and my brother and I don’t have a clue but I had my house first and I had to flee for nothing I did to no one.when I was in Milwaukee Wisconsin I purchased my home first in a neighbor where I didn’t know anyone there and I had to flee because of several fires and other incidents and it was unprovoked and I didn’t provoked that trouble at all, I was minding my very own business there  like I always did every since I was a child who was unwanted and I never lived a normal life no way all because of the hatred and hostility against me and yet it was never even explained to me why and I am wondering how to deal with this, I thought I just ask. so many good things been said already I was just wondering. I NEVER HAD NO FAMILY BACK UP.IT IS AS IF I DONE SOMETHING TO SOMEONE AND OR TOOK SOMETHING. I NEVER HAD NO PEACE. AND I COULDN’T EVEN RELAX AT ALL.

May 9, 2012


Theresa died on April 14, 2003. This is Diane Barber Ross’s daughter. Diane Died on November
9, 2006. Theresa’s mother. When Diane died nobody called me, but the woman who was supposed to be a mother to me called everyone else she didn’t call me because I was nothing to her, when I called her Diane’s home she was already dead for about a half of week. I called Diane’s other daughter named Tammy, she was very surprised I didn’t know about it and Tammy asked me you don’t know. I told her know because no one didn’t tell me anything about it at all.So she told me herself about her passing away. The obituary had everyone elses picture on it, Nelson Barber and Carmella Barber children picture on it including my kids (my son Alexander and my son Vincent) except for me. They left me off of her obituary on purpose and Clara Pumphrey have pictures of everybody including myself. they never accepted me as a relative no way I can see that. and they put a cat on it instead of me. My children are not their children, they are my children.them people act like they got guardianship over me and they act like they got guardianship over my children I hate that shit,they act like I don’t know what the hell I am doing but the mother she pulled me out of a kindergarten classroom and I needed that socialization, I did not deserve to be isolated from other children like somethng was wrong with me and Nelson died February 18-2008 and 5 months and 10 days later about 161 days This family been on my babies ass since the day they both were born just like they been on my ass, I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid.
When my son Alexander was in Warren Park 6700 N Damen Ave, he mysteriously gotten away from here on July 28,2008 and ended up in a hospital and he was not looking so good at all. He was not eating, not drinking any fluids, his teet was clenched (jaws was jammed). He would not and he could not talk to me at all, and his eyes was rolled bck to his head, I did see that. he was in Illinois Masonic Hospital and e was floating between 17 different hospitals and nursing homes and treated like trash. as a result of that; there were bruises, scars and holes poked in his legs I did not do that to my own son. that happened when he was suddenly in someone else’s place and care. he was not at my home when all of this happened to him.and not no one even talk to me about it; my son had to be put on life support and a feeding tube. I will never forget all of the pure hatred and hell them people put me and my kids through over the years, they blamed me since I was only a old baby girl and for grown people responsibilities.
them people they continues to insult my intelligence this is not my family. Well them people never did treated me like a family. The so-called parents blamed me for everthing that I didn’t do and she punishes me
for her misdeeds; everything my S***, she blames me since the time of birth and I was born innocent baby just like every other baby who were born as innocent. Then why did she blame me in the first place. I got blamed when I was an innocent baby and that isn’t my fault. Clara has pictures she never had anykind of love for me and the respect for me either. She always hated me for nothing I did to her and I never had anything to do with Clara from the beginning. She never even gave me the time for some strange and a strange reason and unexplained excuses the mother never supported me and wanted me in
finding a paid job for me, even when I always wanted to work while I was a youth and jobs for
the summer school break time. But everyone else had a paid job. Her excuse was her husband
income was too much but the program was for me and other kids who wanted summer paid
jobs. I had do without it while I was 13 years old. I sent my auntie on the father side a letter.
She wanted me to spend time with her I was not allowed to go. But when I graduated from
Calumet High School, I got picked on there too, and words and rumors spread around bullying
there. In June 1976, after I finished the school in less than 2 months. Next month after I finish
in July 1976; Carmella’s Sister name Clara called the house, I was a grown 20-year old woman,
she talked to mother. They wanted me and Ronald who was mentally ill to spend 2 weeks in
her home and I went with him, and she came to get us, but she didn’t take Patricia with her. It
should of been Ronald and Patricia. Not Me!

I was taken into a family where I didn’t belong. (But that’s so wrong!)
I don’t like the way I am still living. I am wondering how would anyone feel if people in your
family start teasing you and calling you some kind of names. You wouldn’t like it, the parents
will be so angry and mad at you and they didn’t tell me what was it about me that really made
them so angry. Them people always gossiping about me over the years. People don’t want to
listen to me. I felt like I was kidnapped in this damn family. I got a darn right to speak up and
explain and express myself this don’t feel like my family to me because they didn’t treat me
like a relative. I wasn’t wanted by them. They treated me very different from everybody else
in this family because I didn’t fit in and they treated me so darn hostile and so damn criminal.
I didn’t count or matter. I was only a mouth to feed and I was anything but a person to them
people. Them people always blamed me for grown up misdeeds and their behavior. I got hurt
by their misdeeds of grown up behavior. I had no business being around them people at all.
And is everything my Sh*t? No it was never my S***. Everybody focus on me and targets me.
I was taken to a family where I didn’t fit in. And as a result. I couldn’t adapt in the family any-
where. Not at the home and not at the school and not even on Jobs. Why nobody never took the time and talk or explain to me, I am a person also. I am not less than a person, couldn’t somebody said something. Said anything at all?

May 6, 2012

My Family and I Are In Danger Unwanted By Family

Chicago addresses
Between Oct and Nov 1980 on that street, there was a fire in a can behind my kitchen door, and I minded my own business there.
Spring 1981 on South streer things looked ok for a while, until suddenly, someone tampered with the locks it was fixed, people kept calling my telephone so I had to change phone number and there was rocks pelted and balls bounced on my windows for no apparent reason and I minded my own business there too in May 1981 it gotten worst so I moved out. In 1988 A women was acting up pretty badly in front of the parents home the women was a mistress and she caused a lot of trouble and somebody broken glass out of Nelson’s vehicle and did damages and that was in June between the 5th and 6th in 1988 and shortly after look what happened to me for nothing I did not do. LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO and the same year
June 1988 and June 7, 1988; my phone line was cut from the basement and I was there for only 2 weeks and I minded my very own business there too and that didn’t make no damn sense at all. Patricia Metcalf Barber always did hated me from the very start. She called me August 1988; She pretended that she was inviting both of my children to her son’s birthday party. But she didn’t want me to come with my own kids to see what the hell she was doing and what was really going on behind my back and this family never did wanted me with my own children. I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid. She said I know you are busy I understand this and that, it was an excuse, she was really hiding something behind my back there was something planned it was a set-up and it was no good at all. She only wanted my kids there in her apartment it was something in the damn food. My children are not no damn rats. An insurance policy in place. something is not right and why do they act like that towards me and my children. They act like they own my kids
Milwaukee Wisconsin addresses
The street it was February 1992 about 3am and we all had to run out in the cold weather because a fire was set in front hall entry, we had to use the back entry untill repairs was done.
1994 I closed on a home located at street Milwaukee WI , January my garage was marked up and June it was broken into and July 28-1995 the garage was sat on fire I called 911 and November 8-1995 a car was set on fire by the garage, made it on fire again and I did mind my own business there too and I did not bother anyone there. I taken out a 30 year mortage on this home I lived there only just ! year and 10 months and I couldn’t take the abusive stress anymore and my family is disabled and they don’t need any of that kind of abuse.
1971 When I was a 15 year old Clara Pumphrey asked me Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can have a baby that look like you, they just wanted to kill my baby ESPECIALLY IF MY BABY WAS BORN WITH ALBINISM and some of the people in the family said they don’t have albinism in the family and them people have been very hostily cruel to me for as long as I been taken to this family and I really do hate that they taken me to this family. them people are very sneaky towards me. they always been like that towards me all the time, I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid. She said I know you are busy I understand this and that, it was an excuse, she was really hiding something behind my back there was something planned it was a set-up and it was no good at all. She only wanted my kids there in her apartment it was something in the damn food. My children are not no damn rats. An insurance policy in place. something is not right and why do they act like that towards me and my children. They act like they own my kids, a nursing home person wanted me to bring noodles from home for my son to eat the noodles like he was a rat. I didn’t bring the noodles there. and what about the time when shortly after I graduated from a high school where I didn’t hardly have any friends, 1976 Clara Pumphrey soaked the chicken and the potatoes in an enormous amount of salt and I did not eat that garbage, she said that Victoria cooked it. she kept picking on me while I was in her house,and started a nasty argument and a nasty fight with me in her house, when she asked Ronald to clean out her car she paid him and she never did pay me no kind of money at all and thats because these people in this family don’t want me with my own personal money at all. they never did wanted me to work at all. and the woman who I thought was my mother,she betrayed me and she did tell me when I was forced back in her home she told me THAT (YOU WILL NEVER MAKE THE KIND OF MONEY THAT NELSON MAKE). AND WHEN IT CAME TO HIM SHE ALWAYS DID FAULT AND BLAMED ME FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS MY SH**
Them people did treat my son like S***. When he was in their damn dump place they were sexually exploiting him I got a right to say that everybody go to hell. When I was a 15 year old Clara Pumphrey asked me Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can have a baby that look like you, they just wanted to kill my baby ESPECIALLY IF MY BABY WAS BORN WITH ALBINISM and some of the people in the family said they don’t have albinism in the family and them people have been very hostily cruel to me for as long as I been taken to this family and I really do hate that they taken me to this family. I really do wonder why do this family treat me like an outcast and an outsider that don’t make no damn sense at all. I am a human being I got feelings too like everybody else got. In 2000 I had only cold water for nearly 5 months; When I was in Milwaukee Wisconsin I paid the Morgans the money for rent every month and I paid it when they came to get the money I gave them the money and I was not late and I was not short and when I moved from the unit I did clean it up and when I relocated and I never did owe no money to them people at all and in less than I month time the Ralph James wife Morgan put citations and a former landlord informed me the police was looking for me and I never did drive the Van tan in color 1985 chevy and I did get a notice stating the van was towed and I did not have access to the vehicle I was just used by others and the people always did use me that way , it was always like this every since I wan an unwanted. abused and an abandoned child and I ALWAYS DID HAVE THE WORST LUCK WITH PEOPLE AND BY THE WAY THE TAGS ON THE VAN ALWAYS DID REFLECT MY NAME.

May 3, 2012


I am really tired of this family criminally manipulating me. my whole entire life they always controlled me to the point to where they dictated to me how to live what to do and what I cannot do. THEY POLKED THEIR NOSES IN MY BED ROOM and THEY TREATED ME LIKE A CHILD and I did have serious trouble finding a decent paid career with good benefits and vacation time with pay and when an outside person tried to help me get a good paid office job, I was suddenly let go on the same day I started and I could have made a few friends. I was put out of work on purpose,  I been sabotaged again. LOOK AT THE MEDICAL SCHOOL I WENT TO THAT GOT SABOTAGED TOO. I CAN’T SUPPORT MYSELF AND THIS FAMILY DON’T CARE IF I LIVE OR DIE BECAUSE THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME AT ALL, WELL THEY DON’T WANT ME TO WORK AND EARN MY OWN MONEY  THE WAY I GOT A RIGHT AND ILLINOIS STATE WILL NOT EVEN GIVE ME NO MEDICAL CARD SO  I CAN’T  PAY MY DOCTOR BILLS, THE EYE DOCTOR AND I NEED A NEW PAIR OF EYE GLASSES .AND  I NEED DENTAL HELP AND NOT ONE PERSON WILL NOT EVEN HELP ME AT ALL.  ALL THEM PEOPLE PUT ME AT A REAL FINANCIAL DISADVANTAGE,  I CAN’T RELY ON NONE OF THEM PEOPLE. THEY DIDN’T ACCEPT ME IN THE FAMILY. I WAS ONLY JUST ANOTHER MOUTH TO FEED JUST LIKE AN ANIMAL. September 1976, I didn’t obtain a job, they put me out of the home on the streets of Chicago Illinois and I went to the grandmother’s home.she took me in and told me Charlene at least you are not out of doors and I called the so-called parents home on Thanksgiving day 1976 the grandmother got oo her daughter’s case because her husband was talking smack and I can come back to a dangerously hostile home enviroment, if I just sit down and keep my mouth shut and was dangerous and very disrespectul I was a 20 year old young adult women and I had a right to speak my opinion without getting hurt or killed by them parents and anybody else in that. the mother’s mother told me don’t go back there.she did take the telephone and got on the mother’s case because of how they treated me that was very wrong and very dangerous  some of them mothers do turn a blind eye when it comes to their man.   Patricia Barber Metcalf she never did accept me for her sister at all. she made her father pick up a broom stick in my face, he damn near slammed the broom stick in my face and he told me to take off my eye glasses, I was nearly scared to death and he didn’t ask me no questions no he didn’t give me a chance to explain anything; he was always irritated with me because of Me being the white man’s child. that was not my fault. (HE TOLD ME NEXT TIME I WILL KNOCK YOU BLACK) them people always stayed really angry with me for things that was not my fault and THE WOMEN WHO SUPPOSE TO BE A MOTHER TO ME, SHE TOOK ME OUT OF KINDERGARTEN CLASS AND I DIDN’T GET A CHANCE TO FINISH AND COMPLETE.AND I WAS NOT IN NO HOSPITAL, i didn’t need to be isolated away from school and peer socialization that was not fair to me at all it was very wrong from the start. and I was not allowed to attend until I was age 7½ years old and age 10 I was put in a 3rd grade classroom and then they made me repeat the 3rd grade class that put me behind even much further in school, she didn’t want me to learn absolutely not a damn thing, just be a  dumb ass because I wasn’t nothing to her no way. I can never talk to her and I could never tell her any thing at all and when I only asked her to take my name off of her home she said I was getting her into me and Patricia’s S***I was not told any details about the home at all and I don’t want nothing to do with nothing she got at all and she never showed me no document of that with my name on that house and she said she was not going to take my name off of the home I will stay out of that altogether because I was not treated like a family at all.

I know this family is not my family I was in a first time home buyers program. I had a right to purchase my own home. Don’t shoot me like an albino animal.   Why didn’t that B-witch leave me behind and why don’t them people just leave me the HELL ALONE. them people hurt me really bad they did put me through far to many changes for nothing that I done and the mother didn’t do nothing when all of those students were picking on me at the high school and when I wanted to transfer to another high school.she acted like she had no concern and no time to deal with me and I had left the high school because I got tired of them students picking on me and bullying.  I was being abused at the home and I was being picked on and bullied at school, a child can not learn too good like that under those hostile condictions, that was not no co-incident they just didn’t want me to make it thats all. I am not no animal and I am not an object without any intelligence. I am a person also, a woman who never wanted me for her child, she was not supposed to take me to that darn family like I was an animal  just to use me and throw me away like trash. Patricia Barber Metcalf called me to ask me in the fall 1994, she asked me  about my personal home and suddenly in January 1995, Graffiti has been written all over my garage. I was always a shy and a quiet, I never bother no damn body I was not the trouble maker in this family and the people REALLY HATED MY GUTS FOR NOTHING BECAUSE I WAS NOTHING TO THIS DAMN FAMILY AT ALL, They didn’t want me in their family, they never accepted me in their family at all. THEY NEVER HAD NO KIND OF LOVE FOR ME AND THAT IS FOR NOTHING I DID NOT DO TO NONE OF THEM PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY AT ALL. AND I DID NOT HAVE NO KIND OF PEOPLE SUPPORT FROM THIS FAMILY AT ALL. ALL I GOT WAS PURE HATRED WITH ALL KINDS OF HATE CRIMES DID TO ME FOR NOTHING I DID NOT EVEN DO TO ANY OF THEM PEOPLE AT ALL, THAT WAS BECAUSE I WAS NOT WANTED AND I AN STILL NOT WANTED IN THIS FAMILY AT ALL.  I REALLY REALLY DO HATE THAT I WAS TAKEN TO THE WRONG FAMILY, I DID NOT HAVE NO POWER AND I DID NOT HAVE NO CONTROL JUST LIKE ALL OTHER INNOCENT BABIES. I REALLY DO REGRET BEING TAKEN THERE AND I REALLY WISH THEY HAD LEFT ME BEHIND AND JUST LET ALONE SO THAT I CAN HAVE ME A GOOD FUTURE WITHOUT being rejected,denied,unwanted,refused,hated for things I did not even do to no one at all and I should not had been used, blamed,punished abushed and bullied and punished with vigilante style was criminal.dangerous and it is very wrong from the very beginning and from the start. YOU DON’T JUST HURT PEOPLE FOR NOTHING THEY DIDN’T DO TO YOU AND YOU DON’T GIVE THEM NO CHANCE TO EVEN DEFEND THEMSELVES, YOU ARE VERY WRONG DOING THAT BS.IT IS WRONGL.  They set a halloween day on me October 31, 1994; a move in date. This is punishment on me too.  THEY BEEN USING  NUMBER 7s and 13s on me for several years because they are really very hateful and hostile against me and towards me for nothing I done to none of them people and I could not live in this family without all of that hatred against me for nothing I did.

All this because I was taken in the wrong family, them people are superstitious to the core.

There were several fires set on the home a mover date that was on holloween day. And they been using labels and tracking numbers on me and they was putting labels on my kids too and they also put tracking numbers on my children too. I don’t know what these people in the family think   I am and what I am made of.

Hey people don’t forget the woman who supposed to be the mother took me out of kindergarten;  I didn’t get a chance to finish kindergarten school level at all.  Why would a Black mother take her child out of school? What to hide the child, to hide me, I think so. Black people have fought and died for their rights and their children rights to attend school and to get an equal education.

When I was taken out of school. I was put several years behind in school and I got picked on too. (targeted) That was very deliberate.  Even though I always minded my very own business while I tried to work a very low paid job some years ago ,and I never did bother anybody there some people did start trouble by harassing me and they did pose a serious safety threat for nothing I done and for nothing I did not even say about any of them at all, I am not like that. know I don’t think I can never work out side of my home because of the reputational damages this family caused me for nothing I did not do to none of them people.

May 1, 2012


I did not forget while I was being abused in that home; I was a little girl, a growing youth and a teenager, Tyrone Barber used to sneak up behind me and touch me in an inappropriate manner he was wrong for doing that and he was not supposed to touch me and squeeze my personal breast; he called my breast knobs,I felt very uncomfortable because it was very wrong he didn’t even apologize for that and years and one time I sat down on the sofa and he put his fingers in my behind, I jumped up off the sofa, I yelled at him I told Tyrone to stop don’t touch me like that no damn more.he laughted at me.he done me wrong there too. later he was arrested for pedophilia and registered with Illinois state. April’s parents used to bring her over for me to baby sit her April nearly got ran over by a car and I bothered to save he life to keep April’s ASS from being killed and I was not mean to her April is just used to being a spoiled brat and I know she hated me any way just like the rest of the family and they all think I am lacking in intelligence.