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April 27, 2012

They turned me from sugar to S***

I know that Carmella Barber and Nelson really never wanted me for their child and the family people all feel the very same way towards me too, All everybody did was just used me them people never had no kind of respect for me at all and  their mother  took to Diane and Patricia and she always hated me for thing that she always did to me , she did pull me out of my kindergarten class and I really needed that socialization with other children and I was not no antisocial person at all. and she was always very close to Diane and very close to Patricia and Patricia Metcalf Barber really always hated me from the start and she never did accept me as her sister at all and she always did think that I am lacking in intelligence; and they also do criminal things behind my back all they do is pick on me a do a bunch of criminal coward act right behind my back and they all do criminal acts to my children for nothing they did not do, HEY PEOPLE BUT FIRST I WAS DENIED AS THEIR CHILD AT BIRTH AND THE MAN TURNED HIS BACK ON ME AND THEM PEOPLE NEVER SAW ME AS THEIR DARLING DAUGHTER INSTEAD I WAS AN OBJECT, ANOTHER MOUTH TO FEED AND A CRUMB SNATCHER.AND I WAS ALWAYS AN UNWANTED CHILD EVER SINCE BIRTH, THAT IS NOT MY FAULT IT IS VERY CRUEL AND IT IS VERY CRIMINAL AND I DID NOT ASK TO GET HERE IN THIS FAMILY IT IS VERY WRONG  FOR HER WHEN SHE DID NOT WANT ME TO ISOLATE ME IT IS VERY WRONG.

A woman who never did wanted me taken me home to a complete hell hole. She didn’t have

no love for me at all. If somebody keeps asking you about a ‘Life Insurance Policy’, what do

you think? They are getting at and they keep asking you that question. Do you got any life

insurance, but they did asked me that question and the person who always asked me that

question and this is the same person who always had a serious conflict or personal vendetta against

me and I know that you didn’t do nothing to that person. THEM PEOPLE NEVER DID ACCEPT ME IN THE FAMILY , You had a lot of trouble with

the family members and they never even liked you at all and when I had my children also,

the same person did asked if I had a life insurance policy for my children too. And yours later

on of my children. My son mysteriously gotten away from a nursing home, and he was badly

abused and criminally manhandled, he was not eating or drinking at all. His life was in danger

he was on a life support machine and he was in diapers just like a baby. My son could not eat, he could not talk and he could not even walk and he could not even write his own name and I really wonder do anybody have a guardianship over me right behind my back and the person won’t tell me, they are treating like an animal and do anybody have a guardianship on my children and behind my back and they are doing that on purpose and it is very wrong and deliverately, did somebody marry me off behind my back just to get the money they are very wrong for doing me like that and then they all did laught at me. and they did that to my children too. they are all very wrong for that.

April 27, 2012

You didn’t want me for your child

You took me to your family to a complete hell hole and I didn’t have no future there. You

played a game with me like I was a damn toy and an object. Nelson’s mother died on

New Years Day (January 1, 1981) at the age of 65. March 1981, y’all people called me on my

phone and I was forced to change my telephone number with Bell and after I have

turned 25 years old, and in May 1981, suddenly rocks and balls were bounced on my windows

for nothing that I did not do to nobody. I was mind my own business over there too. How

would some kids know to mess with me like that. How did they know where I live? Because

I got albinism?. How did they know to pick on me like that. Somebody  been gossiping about

me behind my back. And they kept harassing me for nothing that I done. And I had to  flee

and relocate to a different  location).  In 1974, I was 18 years old a grown women just starding out in life and I had my first paid

office job doing filing work. And I was suddenly let go and without giving me no reason at all, on the same day that I started. And the same

year 1974, Clara Pumphrey was purchasing a home. that address was 7256  South. Aberdeen St. and the Baptist Church Clara go  to is located at  1956 West Warren Blvd And I

was born in 1956. And it was nearly a tragedy in Clara Pumphrey’s home. She wanted  only me and

Ronald who is mentally ill  in her house she said for 2 weeks, something was very wrong Clara talked only to the mother  Carmella, she didn’t talke to me at all no she didn’t;  anything can happen in 2 weeks or less, it don’t take much at all. we both got out of there in less than a half a week.

she deliberately soaked the chicken and potatoes in an enormous amount of SALT and I didn’t eat that garbage no way, SHE FED ME LIKE A RAT ON PURPOSE I didn’t do nothing to her; this happened late July 1976 shortly right after  I JUST GRADUATED from a Chicago public high school in JUNE 1976, when I tried to talk to Clara she yelled at me and asked Charlene don’t you feel sorry for your self, I told her no I don’t feel sorry for myself. .then Clara  asked me in front of a women neighbor of hers, Charlene do you think I am much better than your mother and father and do I like her better then my parents, when I didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear she gotten real angry,nasty and ballistic with me. and she picked a bad fight and an argument with me in her home;Clara never even tried to help me get a paid job of any and Clara is the one who asked me while I was a littlre girl only age 15,Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can HAVE A BABY THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU and she never gave me a time of day;SHE HATES MY GUTS she argued and said she was going to beat my ass and she tried to hit me in my face, she told me what I needed was a big black D private and  her son came out of his bed room and taken me to his room untill the coast was clear; it was summer time, dark out side and it was raining, I left out her front door and I never went back,   I been criminally abused, followed and harrassed by them people over decades; June 1988, my phone bell service was cut in the basement and 2 years later in 1990 child wefare came to my door and they came from 1990 to 2002 and in between. I know what I am talking about, my children never did need any protection away from me. I was the one who really needed the protection away from them people. over the years and decades, these are the same people who deprived me of my civil rights because they are relentlessly angry at me Carmella Barber and Clara Pumphrey stayed in California for 65 days and I got harassed by a crazy man I did not have nothing to do with at The Industries and I was at The Industries for only 65 days and my son was in Warren Park for 65 days and he was nearly killed for nothing that he did not do because somebody want the policy money.THEY TREATED ME AND MY CHILDREN LIKE AN OUTCAST, AND AN OUTSIDER, AN OBJECT, A BREEDER AND AN OUTSIDE BITCH, some laughed at me and they snickered saying there go Charlene I heard some people say that yes they did do that; I am not lying about that.

April 16, 2012


All I got was pure conflicts from these people in this family; when I was born an innocent baby girl like all other babies  I was not no different no matter what I was  and what I had. I was told the man said I was not his baby, he denied me and he turn his back on me; he walked out of hospital, he could not adapt to me and he was not emotionally available for me. and he really did make me extremely  nervous to the point to where my NERVES NEARLY MADE A NERVOUS WRECK AND SOMETIMES I WOULD BREAK OUT WITH NERVE WEPS, I WAS A SICK CHILD FROM THE VERY START AND I GREW UP A VERY SCARED AND A VERY NERVOUS CHILD; because of all of the rejection,abuse. the use and the abuse and the torture that I suffered and the derogatory name callings I was very hurt by;  names like: ALNINO, WHITE GIRL,YELLOW GAL,WHITE HONKY, DANCING EYES, YELLOW BITCHES and WHITE BITCHES TOO. and I got picked on and bullied at the grade school and the high school too and I had more than the worst luck with the family I did not ask to be taken,it was very wrong from the start. the people on the mother side they never took the time with me and the people on the father side they never took the time with me either;   and I really do wish I was not taken there at all, but I didn’t have any control, that caused me to look for daddy and a father figure. The mother blamed everything on me to the point to where the whole family never did accept me as a family member. Instead they treated me like an outcast, an outside an an out side Bitch. They treated me like an animal and breeder, they didn’t treat me like a person and they act like my children are not my children, they are treating me like I am not my kids mother they treat my kids like they are their kids. NO THEY ARE NOT THEIR KIDS. Them people don’t give a damn about me and my children at all. While I was in the home being abused; them people always threatened to take me to a counselor, a psychiatrist to find out if I am crazy or not. I haven’t done nothing to anyone. I was not a threat to nobody; and not even to myself and I was not a threat to the community at large; I AM THE ONE WHO IS NOT SAFE. Hey I didn’t  even know

I was in the world yet; I am not responsible for having albinism and I was NOT THIS FAMILY’S CURSE,THEY JUST DIDN’T WANT ME IN THEIR FAMILY AT ALL; I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid, then why do Carmella Barber who was supposed be a mother to me. SHE HATES ME SO MUCH and I didn’t do anything to her and she always blamed and fault me for her husband and her mother in law for hating her because her mother in law thought she was an albino and I was born with this genetic condition which I was not responsible for.THEY DEHUMANIZED ME from the very start and for nothing that I done to any of them peope FOR NOTHING; SHE told me her mother in law tried to get her killed because of ME that was not my fault;  They didn’t have to take me to their family,Them people should not have taken me to their family at all,THEY SHOULD HAVE LEFT ME BEHIND AND LET ME ALONE;

April 13, 2012

Hey, You Can’t Live On Thin Air


I am wondering why nobody never did try to keep me safe in this family and keep me out of harms way but instead every thing was my fault and every thing is my S. You don’t never ever blame a child no matter who they are and no matter what they got, children are people too and they do have human rights. they violated me from my child hood and things did not get no better for me instead things gotten much more worst, they always treated me like a slow and a retarded child and they CALLED ME CRAZY FOR NOTHING I DONE. even while I am a grown adult and STILL CALL ME CRAZY,BUT LOOK HOW I WAS TREATED. ; I started school at age 5 and they taken me out of school and I went back at age 71/2 years old and I had to learn how to read and write but them people did not teach me the abc and the 123 s and I had to learn my primary crayon colors and then I had to learn how to spell my own name and I ended up over 3 years behind in school because I didn’t have no proper family back up and they didn’t really care anything about me at all and that was not my fault at all and when I tried to get a real paid job,somebody always stood in my way and I always had bad breaks from the start I was not supported by this family and while I was a youth I expressed that I wanted to work so that I can get paid for working and I  had every right to work and to get paid to work; and if you can’t work then how are you going to pay  your rent,put food on your table,buy your own clothes and shoes and other personal thing for your self and pay your medical bill, and other vital things YOU CAN’T LIVE ON THIN AIR we all need to have something to live on. and when I wanted to work the mother wouldn’t let me work,but all the other kids who worked gotten paid in the summer youth programs and I thought it was good for children to get a supported paid job.especially for those who want to work and support themselves. I gotten harassed and picked on in the grade and high schools and some low paid job places years ago and I am really very tired of being Haunted by my unpleasant child hood past and MOUTH DO HURT. I got feelings to just like everybody else. These people who snatched and dragged me in this family I really wish they never took  me in their home. I really wish I can just forgert about  them.

April 12, 2012


Everybody got a right to live; no one is perfect if you look for a person to be perfect, then you have a personal conflict somewhere with in yourself and somebody got a real personal vendetta against me every since I was only a very small child;  I like all other children I didn’t have no power and no control to where I would be taken to. I didn’t pick the parent, I didn’t pick the siblings and I didn’t pick the family as a whole so what is it about ME THAT THEM PEOPLE REALLY HATE, WHAT IS IT?  I’M NOT DUMB AND I’M NOT STUPID. they never told me that they Love me and they never told me You are my darling daughter. I never heard that from neither of those parents who took me to their family, I GOT HURT BY THE REJECTION FROM THE START. THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT AT ALL. I was an innocent baby too. where was I wrong at?  I had a right to be born too and live without unprovoked bias hate crimes and violence done to me for deeds I did not do to no one, I know better than that. YOU DON’T PICK ON  AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE, who you think are handicapped and  DIFFERENT THEN YOU ARE AND YOU DON’T PELT ROCKS AN AN AUTISTIC CHILD THAT IS WRONG AND IT IS CRIMINAL BULLYING. I AM TIRED OF BEING HAUNTED BY MY UNPLEASANT CHILDHOOD PAST IT IS VERY WRONG I ALREADY BEEN PUT THROUGH PURE HELL FROM THE  VERY BEGINNING AND THIS HAS CAUSED ME HEALTH PROBLEMS, I HAVE BEEN MENTALLY ABUSED TO THE POINT TO WHERE I SUFFERED A SERIOUS DEPRESSION AND A REAL NERVOUS WRECK BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE ABUSE EVERYBODY PUT ME THROUGH AND AS A RESULT I HAD TO BE PUT ON SEVERAL MEDICATIONS  SO  THAT I WON’T BE SUBJECT TO A STROKE AND A HEART ATTACK AND I DID SUFFER IN SILENCE FOR NOTHING I DONE. THEY DIDN’T DO NOBODY ELSE LIKE THAT AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO DYE MY HAIR BLACK, OR BROWN BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME TO DYE THAT S BLACK AND I SHOULD NOT HAD TO WEAR NO WIGS AT ALL. I HAVE MY OWN PERSON RIGHT TO WEAR MY HAIR BLONDE OR WHITE HAIR, THAT IS MY PERSONAL RIGHT TO LOOK THE WAY I AM SUPPOSED TO LOOK AND LOOK DIFFERENT AND WITH OUT BEING MESSED WITH FOR NOTHING AND NOTHING I DID TO ANY OF THEM PEOPLE, I GOT HURT BEING DEPRIVED OF MY BASIC NEEDS AND MY BASICS RIGHTS AND I AM  STILL SUFFERING TODAY AND YES IN 2012 AND NOTHING GOTTEN ANY BETTER FOR MYSELF AL ALL, EVEN THE MOTHER DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME,SHE DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME. I WAS NOT THE BAD KID IN THE FAMILY. AND I DIDN’T STEAL FROM NOBODY IN THIS FAMILY, I’M NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. This is not amuzing, that is not funny at all. We don’t live in an uncivilized society where people declare a war on people just because they were born with an inherited genetic condiction called ALBINISM, you don’t ever blame no child for that, I like all other children did not pick what I was born with THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT I COULD NOT HELP THAT AT ALL. AND I GOT HURT BEING SABOTAGED HURT BY PEOPLE WHO I BONDED WITH AND TRUSTED AND THAT WAS WRONG FROM THE BEGINNING BECAUSE CHILDREN DON’T KNOW NO BETTER AND THE CHILD DON’T HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.

April 10, 2012


If you were an unwanted child by a family, then how do you get then out of your life and away from you and your family especially when they always did have a way of keeping up with you and your family right from behind your back on purpose and deliberately and they never even wanted you from the minute you were born and they never had no kind of love for me at all.  YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WERE NEVER EVEN WELCOMED IN THE FAMILY.


How can anyone heal from the scars of child abuse and name callings because mouth do hurt, the nane callingshurt along with mental abuse and everything else and where is the support at and why nobody want to help me with the situation I was taken to I was only an innocent baby and I was a very defenseless baby too. HOW DO YOU MOVE ON WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL  LIFE THE WAY YOU GOT A RIGHT TO LIVE WITHOUT THEM PEOPLE INTERFERING WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY’S RIGHT TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLY AND SAFELY ON THEIR OWN?


IF CERTAIN PEOPLE DON’T WANT YOU TO WORK, AND GET PAID TO FOR IT, THEN HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SUPPORT YOUR SELF AND YOUR FAMILY WITHOUT BEING JUMPED ALL ON RIGHT BEHIND YOUR BACK and because THEY ARE STILL TREATING ME LIKE A CHILD AND THEY ALL THINK I AM LACKING IN INTELLIGENCE. THEY ARE VERY WRONG FOR THIS. Then how can you earn your own pay check on a paid job and not worry about all of a sudden you are getting harassed by others on a paid job that you have a right to work and get a pay check for your work that you did because you know you need the money just like every one else, YOU DON’T BOTHER NOBODY AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT THE TROUBLE MAKER TYPE.  What is the best remedy and the best solution to this kind of problem.  IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU ALL.  HOW WOULD YOU ALL HANDLE IT?

April 9, 2012


I should have been helped with my situation several years ago, especially while I was still a little girl. Now I am still living with several years of unexplaimed left over problems which I can not solve and remedy and the problem I been having because I am an unwanted child and abandoned by a family and parent I did not pick and choose from the very beginning and it was not my fault and I did not have no power and I didn’t have no control; the people controlled me and they controlled my life and they dictated to me with how to live and what I can do and what I can’t do and they invaded my bedroom when it came me and a male and that was not none of their damm business. I am a human being and the wonen who is supposed to be my mother told me I will never make the kind of money that her husband Nelson make and he is the man who denied me to. IT WAS WRONG; I WAS BORN AN INNOCENT BABY TOO, THAT WAS NOT FAIR TO ME AT ALL, AND THEM  PEOPLE USED ALBINISM  AS A PERSONAL WEAPON AGAINST ME FROM THE VERY START AND IT WAS  VERY WRONG FOR THEM PEOPLE TO HAVE A REAL PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST ME AND THEY NOT WOMEN ENOUTH TO TELL ME WHY AND WHAT I DID. AND THE MAN IS NOT MAN ENOUGHT TO TELL ME WHY AND WHAT I DONE. WHY NOT.