They turned me from sugar to S***

I know that Carmella Barber and Nelson really never wanted me for their child and the family people all feel the very same way towards me too, All everybody did was just used me them people never had no kind of respect for me at all and  their mother  took to Diane and Patricia and she always hated me for thing that she always did to me , she did pull me out of my kindergarten class and I really needed that socialization with other children and I was not no antisocial person at all. and she was always very close to Diane and very close to Patricia and Patricia Metcalf Barber really always hated me from the start and she never did accept me as her sister at all and she always did think that I am lacking in intelligence; and they also do criminal things behind my back all they do is pick on me a do a bunch of criminal coward act right behind my back and they all do criminal acts to my children for nothing they did not do, HEY PEOPLE BUT FIRST I WAS DENIED AS THEIR CHILD AT BIRTH AND THE MAN TURNED HIS BACK ON ME AND THEM PEOPLE NEVER SAW ME AS THEIR DARLING DAUGHTER INSTEAD I WAS AN OBJECT, ANOTHER MOUTH TO FEED AND A CRUMB SNATCHER.AND I WAS ALWAYS AN UNWANTED CHILD EVER SINCE BIRTH, THAT IS NOT MY FAULT IT IS VERY CRUEL AND IT IS VERY CRIMINAL AND I DID NOT ASK TO GET HERE IN THIS FAMILY IT IS VERY WRONG  FOR HER WHEN SHE DID NOT WANT ME TO ISOLATE ME IT IS VERY WRONG.

A woman who never did wanted me taken me home to a complete hell hole. She didn’t have

no love for me at all. If somebody keeps asking you about a ‘Life Insurance Policy’, what do

you think? They are getting at and they keep asking you that question. Do you got any life

insurance, but they did asked me that question and the person who always asked me that

question and this is the same person who always had a serious conflict or personal vendetta against

me and I know that you didn’t do nothing to that person. THEM PEOPLE NEVER DID ACCEPT ME IN THE FAMILY , You had a lot of trouble with

the family members and they never even liked you at all and when I had my children also,

the same person did asked if I had a life insurance policy for my children too. And yours later

on of my children. My son mysteriously gotten away from a nursing home, and he was badly

abused and criminally manhandled, he was not eating or drinking at all. His life was in danger

he was on a life support machine and he was in diapers just like a baby. My son could not eat, he could not talk and he could not even walk and he could not even write his own name and I really wonder do anybody have a guardianship over me right behind my back and the person won’t tell me, they are treating like an animal and do anybody have a guardianship on my children and behind my back and they are doing that on purpose and it is very wrong and deliverately, did somebody marry me off behind my back just to get the money they are very wrong for doing me like that and then they all did laught at me. and they did that to my children too. they are all very wrong for that.


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