Hey, You Can’t Live On Thin Air


I am wondering why nobody never did try to keep me safe in this family and keep me out of harms way but instead every thing was my fault and every thing is my S. You don’t never ever blame a child no matter who they are and no matter what they got, children are people too and they do have human rights. they violated me from my child hood and things did not get no better for me instead things gotten much more worst, they always treated me like a slow and a retarded child and they CALLED ME CRAZY FOR NOTHING I DONE. even while I am a grown adult and STILL CALL ME CRAZY,BUT LOOK HOW I WAS TREATED. ; I started school at age 5 and they taken me out of school and I went back at age 71/2 years old and I had to learn how to read and write but them people did not teach me the abc and the 123 s and I had to learn my primary crayon colors and then I had to learn how to spell my own name and I ended up over 3 years behind in school because I didn’t have no proper family back up and they didn’t really care anything about me at all and that was not my fault at all and when I tried to get a real paid job,somebody always stood in my way and I always had bad breaks from the start I was not supported by this family and while I was a youth I expressed that I wanted to work so that I can get paid for working and I  had every right to work and to get paid to work; and if you can’t work then how are you going to pay  your rent,put food on your table,buy your own clothes and shoes and other personal thing for your self and pay your medical bill, and other vital things YOU CAN’T LIVE ON THIN AIR we all need to have something to live on. and when I wanted to work the mother wouldn’t let me work,but all the other kids who worked gotten paid in the summer youth programs and I thought it was good for children to get a supported paid job.especially for those who want to work and support themselves. I gotten harassed and picked on in the grade and high schools and some low paid job places years ago and I am really very tired of being Haunted by my unpleasant child hood past and MOUTH DO HURT. I got feelings to just like everybody else. These people who snatched and dragged me in this family I really wish they never took  me in their home. I really wish I can just forgert about  them.


2 Comments to “Hey, You Can’t Live On Thin Air”

  1. Hey Charl,
    I appreciate your honesty. You’re not afraid to share your heart. I believe, that as you share, you’ll receiving healing too. God doesn’t intend for any of us to live on thin air because He doesn’t want to suffocate us. In other words, He desires that we BREATHE!. I believe, that Jesus is my Fresh Air. Without Him I’m lost. Stay encouraged. I’ll pray that God helps you and your parents to forgive each other. If they’re not ready Charl then you do it for you. Get yourself free in your mind and spirit. This is too much for you to carry on a daily basis. Anytime, you want to talk more Let me know. I’m a friend.

  2. They don’t want me to live; I don’t appreciate being brainwashed and controlled. That was
    purely criminal. (Wrongdoing)
    I am really tired of brain washed, bullying against me ,controlled and dictated to and manipulating that was really done against me; I really don’t appreciate
    them parents are their people against me, they pee’d on my legs and told me that it
    was raining. I didn’t appreciate them people controlling me, but they did do it. I was not
    sick and I was not hospitalized at that time. And them people always keep rushing me,
    pushing me. All they do is control my personal life and control my personal business. They
    won’t let me to have my own personal money. I always been hurt by the rivalry like I am
    not a relative at all. I don’t understand that at all. All did treat me like that like they were
    my personal guardian. I did not need this family at all, and I didn’t want for my guardian.
    Not behind my back and they are very wrong for that. They are not my children’s guardian.
    My children didn’t need them for their guardian. They are not my children’s guardian.
    My children didn’t need them for their guardian. and a so called uncle brought sheets and pillow cases bed bug infested furniture. I don’t need nobody’s darn rat crumbs; and my kids don’t need nobody’s darn rat crumbs either.and I have gotten bit very badly by the bed bugs and also them family people want me to continue to think and believe that we live in a society where people go around picking on people with ALBINISM and that people keep following and chasing them around and use tracking numbers like they put on me and they always had a way of keeping up with me and Carmella Barber the women who was suppose to be a mother to me, she only talkes to her other 2 daughters and 1 is no longer here; she really hates my guts and for nothing and she don’t talk to me at all and she bared me from her home and Carmella and Nelson Barber put me on the streets of Chicago Illinois in September 1976 and I just had graduated from a high school where I gotten picked on and bullied there too and the name callings started from the home and the family, they targeted me from the beginning, stalked and tracked me down and the sibling rivalry and I did not use drugs at all, I was not like that. it was Tyrone Barber and look at how everybody keep treating me for nothing that I done and then, and after I was out of the home I had no paid job and no other personal income of my own and I went to the grandmother’s home on Carmella side of the family she taken me in and told me Charlene at least you are not out of doors and that was very dangerous I was not a street hoe and I was not a threat to people in that home and I was not a threat to the people in the community, the so called parents always threatened to take me to a school counselor, a psychiatrist and put me in a mental institution and an oddy home for bad bitches and I didn’t belong there at all and I didn’t belong in Nelson Barber and Carmella Barber’s house either. I am very tired of being viciously picked on by this damn family this not my family, this don’t feel like no family of my, well they don’t treat me like I am a part of this family, instead them people treated me like an outcast, an outsider and an outside bitch.

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