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March 29, 2013


ImageAfter severals years of abuse you can’t get over that, THE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM I KNOW BECAUSE THE FAMILY PEOPLE REALLY DO GOT A SERIOUS PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST ME. THEY DEHUMANIZED ME, THEY USED ME AND THEY DELIBERATELY STOOD IN MY WAY THEY WOULD NOT LET ME LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANTED TO, THEY BLOCKED ME FROM WORKING A DECENT PAID CAREER WITH A WELL PAID SALARY, ALL THIS BECAUSE I WAS AN UNWANTED ALBINO BABY GIRL AND WAS TAKEN TO THE WRONG DAMN FAMILY. It is not my fault I was taken home where I was not welcomed the entire family did not even accept me from the beginning that is where all my troubles began at.and I was at their mercy and the people on the mother side they never took the time with me. The people on the step father side side of the family they never too the time with me either, I don’t even have not one single cousin communicating with me not at all and the whole family is like this with me I am not lying about that I don’t think I am a child. I am a grown women with a mother who always did treat me like a child and she still treat me like a child and there was nothing wrong with me but she told me she wanted to tell me how I got all messed up and it was about some white people she had in her family and I don’t know them at all and then I was told to dye my hair black and I was forced to dye my hair brown for several years and wear brown wigs until I stopped doing that and I should not have had to dye my blonde hair an not wear no wigs, I got a right to wear my hair blond that is my true hair color and I was called derogatory names Albino and some of those people on the mother side of the family said they don’t have no ALBINISM IN THEIR FAMILY I WAS TOLD THAT I AM NOT LYING AT ALL. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH AND NO I CAN NOT GET OVER IT AFTER BEING ABUSED FOR NOTHING I DID TO THEM PEOPLE FOR FAR TOO LONG and for decades and for that LENGTH OF TIME DON’T MAKE NO KIND OF SENSE AT ALL.
What am I supposed to do just put up and shut up for unprovoked vigilante bias crimes done to me for nothing and the did man handle my children too, they nearly killed one of my children and I had to flee far too many addresses amd I didn’t bother nobody and I did mind my very own business. and I made the big mistake of telling the mother I was may relocate she did tell me if I move somewhere else.I will just get the same thing and I might as well stay here in Chicago IL
The people won’t let me alone and I am not even bothering them at all. they did destroy I always had trouble getting paid jobs they always stood in my way and when I wanted to work when I was a teenager the mother did not back me up at all.I got excuses instead, I got stuck with babysitting and house work. this went on against me for decades and now I am the only person in the family with out any income but everybody got income. no I can not just get over it because was very criminal from the beginning. it is wrong and where I’m at I can’t get a medicaid card and I don’t have any income I am telling the truth.

December 23, 2012

People Really Need To Understand That Child Abuse Do Happen To Innocent Children

We were at our grandmother’s home on the mother side of the family and I asked her for a glass of milk and she put an object it was a feen-o-ment pill in it and I looked under the glass and it was there, I told her I’m not going to drink that stuff, Now what if I had dranked that tanted milk, used the bathroom on myself in Nelson Barber’s car because of what Carmella Barber’s mother done, Nelson would have killed me because of what somebody else did to me, I WAS NOT SAFE IN THIS FAMILY, I gave that crap back to her; I am so glad I gave it back to the grandmother, Tyrone Barber tried to force sour kool aid that was unsweetened down my throat,he threatened to whoop me with a belt I told him if he don’t leave me alone I was going to tell Nelson and Muff on him. they spat in my face, they spat in my hair, they forced me to dye my hair brown and they forced me to wear brown wigs for several years, I was not going to dye my hair black because I wanted to be myself and then one day I used COPPER TONE TAN product on my skin trying to fit this damn cursed family and THIS FAMILY STILL REJECTS ME AND THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE AND THEY WILL NOT BACK OFF AT ALL AND THIS FAMILY WILL NEVER LEAVE MY CHILDREN ALONE AT ALL AND THEM PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY WILL NEVER BACK OFF BOTH OF MY CHILDREN AND THEY NEVER WANTED NONE OF MY CHILDREN IN THIS FAMILY FROM THE DAY I HAD MY KID THEY JUST SIMPLY DON’T WANT ME AND MY KIDS IN THIS DAMN FAMILY AT ALL AND HIDE BEHIND THE CHURCH.
I gotten hurt being played with like a toy and an object and they always did treated me like I AM AN ALBINO COCK ROACH AND A WHITE RAT and they treated my children like they are COCK ROACHES AND RATS TOO and Clara Pumphrey she really always did hate my gut as if I did something to her no I did not do a damn thing to her at all. and she got a set up on me she hates me really just that much and I really do wish she didn’t invite me in her house like that she soaked the chicken and the potatoes in an enormous amount of salt,Clara did that on purpose I did not eat that Shit it was poison. and several years later.before I left the hospital with my newborn babies somebody swiched breakfast food on me at the hospital, I ordered regular food but they switched the food to oatmeal on me and I did not order no oatmeal and something was put in the oatmeal I did not eat that I thought something may be wrong with the oatmeal;. somebody in this family didn’t want me with my babies at all.

October 17, 2012


Hey! People don’t forget I was born an innocent baby too Albino or not it didn’t matter can’t y’all see Nelson and Carmella Barber didn’t want me for her daughter, y’all don’t see that. It was very wrong for all those grown adults who didn’t want me take me home and they robbed me of my innocence and they robbed me of my personal dignity for nothing I done that is because I was not wanted by the family and I was not welcomed at all, TO THEM PEOPLE I WAS ONLY JUST ANOTHER MOUTH TO FEED, I NEVER HAD NO KIND OF FUTURE IN THIS FAMILY


Patricia: HI. One more thing, I don’t control Muff’s money. House is expensive to upkeep and you guys obviously don’t have a clue. And no one tells Muff what to do. Charlene: Unfortunately some of you people never thought I was intelligent anyway. I am smarter than what you all think I am. Patricia: Thanks for confirming how you feel about me by giving Poochie my number. I have nothing else to say to you ever. 11/13/2011 Patricia Barber’s Text Message. HI. This is to let you know Diane’s grandson Terrell passed away Friday in his sleep. For questions contact Tammy. You can let Poochie know for I don’t have his number.

June 18, 2012


Biology servers us right all it takes is a man and a female and it takes two to tangle,then why both the parents who both denied me at birth had no kind of love for me at all. I really do not know if they are really my parents or not and why did they torture me for several years for nothing and for nothing I didn’t do to any of them people;  I started kindergarten class in 1961 and they interrupted my stay in kindergarten school and I was not allowed to complete school, and I was nearly 3 years behind in grade school and that was not my fault either and there was a plan to keep me in
school untill I reach age 28 by the time I got out of school, I am so glad it did’t happen that way because these people in this family hated me to the point to where everybody in the family was able to go to school and work and get paid without problems,  I was the one who they picked on. they blamed me for things that the grown adults did before I even thought of being born and I could have died before I was born and what the hell did I have to do with the way I was born and why did them people bring me in this family when they never did want nothing to do with me from the beginning,  all the siblings are dark tan and brown skin and I am the only one in this family who has an ivory white skin and blonde hair and  I really don’t know if they are really my parents or not and why did Carmella Barber pick on me for nothing I did to her and her people pick on me and call me all kinds of racist and derogatory names and dancing eyes and all I ever heard from them family people was Charlene is an ALBINO THIS AND AN ALBINO THAT, Carmella the women who I thought was my nother she did not tell me that girls get their periods every month, she waited until after it happened to me it was wrong that was her responsible to tell me, the people in this family don’t tell me nothing because they don’t want me to know a damn thing just be a dumb bell because they didn’t want me at all and I can tell that. and  Girls should be told about the monthly period or explain it in a way that they can understand so they won’t get shamed and embarrassed and picked on forever and a life time of pure hell for deeds they didn’t do;  them people in this family always told me to dye that SHIT BLACK AND I DYED MY HAIR BROWN FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND I WAS FORCED TO WEAR BROWN WIGS AND I DID MY VERY BEST TO FIT IN THIS DAMN KIND OF FAMILY AND Carmella Barber always hated me because she never wanted me for her child and she isolated me and her sister Clara Pumphrey always controlled me behind my back and she is very dangerously sneaky against me and all of them treated me like a child and they always did meddle in all of my personal business, they did get my business behind my back and they meddled in all of my afairs and all of them people pose a serious threat to my safety and they pose a serious threat to my children’s personal safety and them people man handled me and they man handled my son Alexander so bad to the degree and point where them people damn near killed him in July-28-2008 and what the hell did a man Sherman get in my son Alexander’s face and ask him is he keeping his nose clean look at all the other people in this family they not keeping their nose clean and all them people do is talk about me and my children and pick on me and my kids because them people did not want me in this family well I didn’t tell the so called mother and father to bring me to this family I didn’t just walk in their family that is not fair to me and that is not fair to my children.  It was very wrong for all those grown adults who didn’t want me take me home and they robbed me of my innocence and they robbed me of my dignity and they robbed my children of their persona dignity too.  They way them people always acted towards me and the way they act towards my children they don’t want me to live at all and they don’t want both of my children to live at all either, then why they keep picking on me and why they keep picking on my children all they want to see is blood well a punk hit me in my face and gave me a nose bleeding I was wearing eye glasses he could have put my eyes out for nothing I did, he told me I was adopted  them people pose a serious threat to my personal safety and they pose a serious threat to my children’s personal safety A GUN AND A CANE WAITING. and why did people put bloody chicken bones in my door way and under my window when I was paying rent at 8921 N 91st Street in Milwaukee WI and when I relocated from that address in 2001, less than one month them people suddenly start putting citations on me with a vehicle that I never did operate and I never did drive the Van at all. all of them people did that to me on purpose and they really did do that deliberately and all them people did mary me off right behind my back and for several years them people always treated me like I was lacking in intelligence and like I did not know no better. This don”t make no damn sense at all;  I got taken to a family by people who really never wanted me bring me into a situation that is very dangerous, wrong and very unfair to me and my children; I didn’t really deserve that at all and nobody bothered to explain nothing to me at all  for several years and for that damn length of time and not one single person didn’t even bother to ask no kind of questions of what is the problem and what did I or what did Charlene do if anything at all.  and it is only right,  Hey I am not wrong at all, that is criminal torture and that causes mental abuse and a lot of disstress and heart problems and stress, and STRESS REALLY DO KILL. ESPECIALLY  IT’S NOT MY FAUL AND THE FAMILY DID ABANDONED ME FOR DECADES NOW. I DIDN’T NEED THIS FAMILY FOR MY GUARDIAN THEY DON’T CARE NOTHING ABOUT ME AT ALL AND I AND MY CHILDREN DON’T NEED THESE FAMILY PEOPLE FOR THEIR GUARDIAN EITHER THEM PEOPLE IN THIS DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY CHILDREN EITHER. ALL OF THAT IS CAUSED BY VERY HATEFUL, VERY EVIL,MEAN,VERY HOSTILE AND VERY VERY CRUEL PEOPLE, IT IS VERY WRONG FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, TO BLAME AND PICK ON CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY GROWN ADULTS, YOU DON’T BLAME THE CHILD AND YOU DON’T BEAT UP ON THE CHILD, DON’T BEAT THE CHILDREN UP.

October 7, 2010

AnExcuse To Blame and Punish A Small Child

A Small Child Blamed
They punished me over decades

Dear Your Honor
Please allow me to explain it,
I was born in a seriously dysfunctional family where some people with personal problems that need to be addressed and corrected even before I was born; this problem have gotten me into a world of trouble with some of them people and also I have been having problems from my grandmother’s former husband John McCoy’s grandchildren from the McCoy family and his grandson Ralph James; and Rochelle Saymore and Lauraine Gordan are Ralph James aunts these people are not related to us by blood at all
I was a young adult,age 20 when my grandmother told me about an incident at the time I was only just a 5year old baby girl unable to defend myself; my grandmother Carmella McCoy was baby sitting me for my parents.
Barbara McCoy James had several young babies of her own,including Ralph James, both women left the home there was only just babies neglected and left behind and there was no adult supervision of the babies and there was no one there at all. I was the oldest at that time; I didn’t know anything about it, there was a new born baby boy about a month old named :Markham James, the McCoy family keep blaming me for all of the adult responsibilities; The child was jumped all over and as a result the child died, everybody said why didn’t Charlene stop everybody from jumping all over him at the time. They are still relentlessly angry at me for this. Those two women left the home to get a drink,and they were gone for long hours. I am really tired of paying for something that was not my fault from the beginning. That was the adult responsibility and I am wondering why do they keep blaming me for this. This is not fair to my family and I at all. It is very dangerous to leave children unsupervised and home alone. Also I want to make another point, July 11 the summer of 1967, I was only just 11 years old while I was playing with friends in the neighbor a husky boy ran up to me and he hit me in my face with his fist and gave me a nose bleeding, I was wearing eye glasses and if he broke my glasses he would have put my eyes out. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?
Because of this I am now at a personal lost and is deliverately being financially disadvantaged and where I am living I am having trouble getting a medicaid card of any kind, and I also feel that when I try to get a job, I have problem either I don’t hear from a company or I am suddenly let go and on a short notice and also in 2006 I had a cargiver job and in July 2006 the IRS sent me a notice informing me that someone filed a 1040 form ending December 31-2001 bearing my social security number on it and they picked up my children on the form and they was the head of household and I did not do that to myself. Even though the McCoy family have pictures of us,it make me really wonder what do they keep the pictures for. I personally do appreciate it that they let the photos go and just forget about me and my children and not target and focus on me and my family any more, I am a person too and I don’t have to be one or any of then and I know I am right and I am wondering are Ralph H James and his people going to keep tracking me down like that in that manner? I really do want to be left alone. I really want to know why some of them people don’t want me to go on with my own personal life like I have a right to and why them people don’t want my children to live and go on with their own personal life that they do have a right to live and to be treated like people because that is what they are, they are not objects. I am wondering If I can ever recover from all of this and If I ever buy a new home will somebody destroy my new home again? sometimes I really do wonder that. and also I am wondering If I can ever work on my own personal identity, get paid to work and not be bothered by a safety threat. I am very bothered by that.

I was also abused as a child too and no one don’t even care how I was treated while I was in someone else’s home. I was teased called names and yelled at too. When I asked for a glass of milk, someone put a feeno mint pill in it, I refused to accept it and sometime they would give me beer. When I asked for a glass of water, I was used and targeted for a family scapegoat and everthing that is wrong with this family is all my fault. I was called albino and the white B-word by some of them people. When we were kids Clara taken pictures of us. And the McCoy family have photos of us too I really do feel very bad about the situation. Clara Pumphrey is the aunt who never had no love for me at all and I didn’t do nothing to her; I will just leave her alone altogether, because when I called her to ask to talk with Patsy – Susan Reddings, because I thought maybe by Patsy who worked in the U.S. post office could help me on getting my mail back to normal. But instead Clara gotten very nasty and ballistic, she is always blaming things on me too, she never was anykind of help to me because she always hated me, so she hung up the phone on me and she called back right away I told her I will not bother her anymore and I hung up on her. I only wanted her to call Patsy and give her my phone number so she can call me herself and I was not wrong at all. I already know some people in this family never wanted me with nothing no way. I lost what little I had and my home I was buying with a 30-year mortgage I was there for only 1 years and 10 months a 4 bed room home, in a neighborhood where I didn’t know anyone and I did mind my own business there too.
I been put through several years of just being sabotaged on purpose by several people who personally hated my guts. I am really hurt by all of that kind of hostile treatment against me and against my kids. my children are disabled and I have my own health issues too and we do not need no more unfair criminal abuse from anyone and we just want to be let alone. we want to be treated like people just like everyone else is and I do have my rights to my very own personal privacy like everyone else do and I really do wish that people just respect me and my children’s personal privacy and stop using me and my children like that.
How can I just get them people off of my back and get them out of my hair? I want to get my life back and I want to get my personal freedom back, my family and I really do need some help. Is there anyone out there willing and is able to help us, please?
I don’t understand why she is so full of hatred against me and against my children who never did nothing to her. I just don’t understand that. everyone thinks she is so jealous and is very controlling. Her son is no longer here because he has committed suicide. I didn’t have nothing to do with that. I really wonder that do she really got something against me, who ever have something against me, I have a right to know what it is. I am a person just like everybody else is. Not different from the rest.
I still have not forgotten in the summer of 1971, I was a very decent young lady, while we were visiting a relative Clara ask me Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can have a baby that look just like you, something about that made me feel very uneasy and September 16-1972 someone tried to sexually assault me while I was on my way going to high school and this was in the broad day light.about 10am in the morning time.
Ralph James and his brothers were taken away from their mother and placed in foster care untill 18 years of age, my family and I never had anything to do them, and we did not know where they lived but one day Ralph James suddenly showed up at our home while I was living at home with my parents and he never said what he really wanted.

I was pretty much close to home, and I did graduate from high school.that year 1976, and 3 of us was still living at home and suddenly one day Clara the aunt called our parents for only me and my brother who is mentally ill to spend 2 weeks in her home, I never knew what she really wanted me for; she only talked to my parent. not me and I was an adult age 20 years and after I was there she asked me Charlene don’t you feel sorry for yourself, I told her no I don’t feel sorry for myself, she kept picking on me I could see that and she did ask me in front of a women neighbor do you think I am better than your parents, and do you like me better than your mother and father? and when I didn’t give her the right answer that she wanted to hear she did turn on me, she was very angry and she started picking a nasty fight with me in her house.she argued and she said she was going to beat my ass and she tried to hit me in my face and she told me what I need was a big black private, her son at the time came out of his bedroom and taken me to his bedroom untill the coast was clear it was summer time,dark outside and it was raining, and I left out her front door and I never went back again, we were out of there in 3 days.
I am wondering how can I get te help and support I really need because I can not go it alone.
Please help me out somebody.

My children and I have been personally hurt and injured and I don’t want anyone to think I am anti social because I am not like that and I can’t take that no more than anyone else can.
I am tired of this use and abuse crap altogether.I have been criminally abused, followed and harrassed by them over the decade, and I really want to know what all is so wrong with me in the first place. that justified this kind of hostile hatered against me and against my children?. Child welfare people suddenly showed up at my door, this
happened nearly a dozen years between 1990 through 2002. 1990 – First time, 1997 – Again, 2002 – Repeatedly. And between that time, this is not no co-incident, someone must know too much about me and somebody don’t like me personally; and they also don’t want me to have my own kids; it is jealousy and vendetta; these are the same people who have been targetting me and focusing on me for a dangerous excuse just to get back at me and hurt my kids who didn’t do nothing to them people. I know what I am talking about, my children never did need any protection away from me. I was the one who really need the protection away from them people and over the years and decades; these are the same people in the family who has deprived me over the years, and they never wanted me to have nothing no way. they are all in my way, I am not in their way, no I am not. well I didn’t do this to myself, nobody is going to hurt themselves no kind of way. I don’t hate myself like that, no I don’t. But, I am very tired of people thinking that what is wrong with me and everthing else is my fault, (otherwise blamed) that is too petty and this is downright uncivilized and that’s too much to put on me. That makes me wonder how long is this going to go on, it has been far more than my lifetime over. I been robbed of my childhood and my kids were robbed of their own childhood too, because people were taking unfair advantages of me first and they are treating my kids the same way too. I had to pull my children from a day program for their safety. Some of them people act like they own me like a possession and they really do make me feel I am really being hijacked (under somebody’s control), then why won’t they just leave me alone and leave my kids alone? That is not right. When my son Alexander was in Warren Park, he mysteriously gotten away from there on July 28, 2008, and ended up in a hospital and he was not looking so good at all. He was not eating, not drinking any fluids, his teeth was clenched (jaws is jammed). He would not talk to me at all, and his eyes was rolled back to his head. I did see that, he was in Illinois Masonic Hospital and he was in several hospitals as a result of that are there were bruises, scars and holes poked in his legs, I didn’t do that my own son, that happened when he was suddenly in somebody else place and care. (Hospital and Nursing Home) he was not at home when this occurred to him and not no one didn’t even talk to me, he had to be put on life support and a feeding tube. I will never ever forget that all the pure hatred and hell that people put me and my kids through over the years, they blamed me since I was only a 5 year old baby girl and for grown people responsbilities? I do know my children and I can’t even get a break from any of this abuse and I am very concerned for our safety.
I really hate to bother you guys with this but I been put through a great deal of hurt and sorrow and they nearly did cost me a nervous break as a result of this kind of trauma I am trying to be as strong as possible because I have both of my children Alexander and Vincent to think about and my husband to think about too, although I have been somewhat secluded from out side, I am not an antisocial person at all, and again I did not mean any harm by just comfiding in someone.