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September 5, 2013

Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopySeveral decades ago when I was born the man said I was not his baby when he first saw me, he denied me he turned his back on me and walked out of the hospital , the women’s mother in law Rose did not believe I was her son’s baby so she tried to have Carmella E Barber killed by her husband, she did tell me out of her own mouth, she waited nearly until I was in my later 50s and she already turned her back on me too and she was already criminally hateful toward me, she did take criminal control of my life and my personal business and affairs the black family have already been removed themselves this is why the people already got my personal business and I was never even safe in this family at all. they did keep me from working a decent paid salary career in all areas even in 2013 the family people will not let me work because they already been using me for decades behind my back, I can not work outside my home I will not be safe if I do that the family people will not let me work, they been harassing me for decades now and yes in 2013, they took me to the family they did set me up for continued nonstop abuses, and they did take my money away from me and they nearly took my kids away from me and they nearly killed one of my sons, I can not sugar coat the abuses me and my 2 children were really put through, it was pure hell from the start.

September 2, 2013


Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyI am not no crazy person like the so-called parents called me they were the ones who always did physical, emotion, mental and psychologically abused me for 57 years of my life the so-called family removed themselves from me since birth, they both denied me and they turned their backs on me, they did torture me for decades and I should not have to be ashamed of myself born with albinism, and forced to wear a brown hair wigs and dye my hair brown because the family people kept teasing me and picking on me because I was born different they injured me that way and they exploited me for many years and they nearly killed my son for nothing because they did target both of my children and they always targeted me first several years before I had my children and when I was only a little girl a teen ager I was not the type who was in a relationship with males I was in school trying to complete my education and for a strange reason that abuse and the racist derogatory name callings followed me even in the high schools and I still did not bother no darn body I was not no trouble maker. SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW DID A BLACK WOMEN GET ON A CTA L TRAIN IN CHICAGO, IL ,SOMEBODY I DID NOT EVEN KNOW AT ALL HOW DID SHE KNOW MY NAME WAS CH, SHE ASKED ME WAS MY NAME CH I DID NOT ANSWER HER AT FIRST BUT WHEN SHE ME DO YOU HAV A SISTER NAME D I TOLD HER YES I WAS REALLY RELUCTANT I DID NOT UNDERSTAND HOW DID SHE KNOW MY NAME WHEN I NEVER SAW THE WOMEN BEFORE NO I DID NOT, THIS FAMILY EXPLOITED ME VERY BADLY, I CAN NOT GET MY BENEFITS I BEEN TAKEN TO THE WRONG AND THEY ARE STILL TARGETING ME AND THEY ARE TARGETING MY CHILDREN, THEY HINDERED MY GETTING APPROVED FOR SSI AND MEDICAID AND I AM NOT WORKING, HOW CAN I MOVE ON WITH MY OWN LIFE AND GET PASS THEM PEOPLE WHEN I DON’T HAVE NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HERE IN CHICAGO, IL EVEN SUPPORTIVE OF ME,?
THE FAMILY PEOPLE ARE VERY NARCISSISTIC PEOPLE DO ANYBODY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THEM KIND AND I DID MOVE OUT OF STATE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE 90s but things did not change because the family people did not leave me alone, and they did not leave my children alone and they don’t want me with my kids. I was only telling the truth because I do not want nothing to happen to me, they restricted my freedom and they took away my human rights and dignity those people do not respect no law authorities not when it comes to me no they do not. the counseling help is not free don’t think I didn’t try I did try the people are standing in my way I am not in their way, and nobody here do not want to help me.