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September 20, 2012


I was never safe with these family people from the very beginning, all of them people are against me. they been that way towards me for several yearsl. 1 the people dehumanized me and they set me up for other people turning their backs on me 2 the so called mother isolated me from other people. 3 taken me out of my kindergarten class and I was not allowed to complete kindergarten. 4 they kept me nearly 3 years behind in school grade and I lost peers. 5 the man who denied me had guardianship over me and he really hated my guts and he didn’t have no love for me at all because I was nothing to him. 6 the so called mother she always blamed and fault me for everything that was wrong between her and her husband that is because she didn’t want me for her child I wasn’t their darling daughter to them I am an object not worth living that is very strange why all their venomous hatred against me?  7 The family people always did treat me like I am an outcast and an outsider, they never did treat me like a blood line relative no they did notl and they always treated both my children like an outcast and an outsider, they never did treat none of my children like a blood line relative at all and they don’t have albinism in their family at all,  some of the so call mother side people told me that, I DON’T LIKE THE FEELING , THEY CONTROLLED MY LIFE LIKE I AM AN ANIMAL AND THEY FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE I MOVE AND RELOCATE TO AND THEY HUNT AND TRACK ME DOWN ON PURPOSE LIKE I AM AN ANIMAL,  I GOT A RIGHT TO LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO AND THEY VIOLATED ME ON PURPOSE AND OTHER FAMILY PEOPLE FOLLOWED AND THEY ALL JUMPED ALL OVER ME AND THEY DID ATTACKED MY CHILDREN TOO BEHIND MY BACK AND IF ANY ONE OF MY CHILDREN GO BACK TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL AND ANOTHER NURSING HOME THE PEOPLE WILL KILL HIM THAT IS JUST TO GET BACK AT ME FOR SEVERAL YEARS OF VIOLENT CRIMINAL CHILD ABUSE I SUFFERED FOR NOTHING I EVEN DID. ALL OF THIS BECAUSE Nelson and Carmella Barber took me home.  ALL EVERYBODY DID WAS TALKED ABOUT ME LIKE A DOG. Some of those people spat on me too and I should not have had to dye my hair brown and I should not have been forced to wear brown wigs for several years them people are trying to change my physical image they did not have no damn right to do that to me and they did try to change both my children physical images, I been called far too many ALBINO S AND WHITE BITCHES FOR FAR TOO MANY YEARS