You didn’t want me for your child

You took me to your family to a complete hell hole and I didn’t have no future there. You

played a game with me like I was a damn toy and an object. Nelson’s mother died on

New Years Day (January 1, 1981) at the age of 65. March 1981, y’all people called me on my

phone and I was forced to change my telephone number with Bell and after I have

turned 25 years old, and in May 1981, suddenly rocks and balls were bounced on my windows

for nothing that I did not do to nobody. I was mind my own business over there too. How

would some kids know to mess with me like that. How did they know where I live? Because

I got albinism?. How did they know to pick on me like that. Somebody  been gossiping about

me behind my back. And they kept harassing me for nothing that I done. And I had to  flee

and relocate to a different  location).  In 1974, I was 18 years old a grown women just starding out in life and I had my first paid

office job doing filing work. And I was suddenly let go and without giving me no reason at all, on the same day that I started. And the same

year 1974, Clara Pumphrey was purchasing a home. that address was 7256  South. Aberdeen St. and the Baptist Church Clara go  to is located at  1956 West Warren Blvd And I

was born in 1956. And it was nearly a tragedy in Clara Pumphrey’s home. She wanted  only me and

Ronald who is mentally ill  in her house she said for 2 weeks, something was very wrong Clara talked only to the mother  Carmella, she didn’t talke to me at all no she didn’t;  anything can happen in 2 weeks or less, it don’t take much at all. we both got out of there in less than a half a week.

she deliberately soaked the chicken and potatoes in an enormous amount of SALT and I didn’t eat that garbage no way, SHE FED ME LIKE A RAT ON PURPOSE I didn’t do nothing to her; this happened late July 1976 shortly right after  I JUST GRADUATED from a Chicago public high school in JUNE 1976, when I tried to talk to Clara she yelled at me and asked Charlene don’t you feel sorry for your self, I told her no I don’t feel sorry for myself. .then Clara  asked me in front of a women neighbor of hers, Charlene do you think I am much better than your mother and father and do I like her better then my parents, when I didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear she gotten real angry,nasty and ballistic with me. and she picked a bad fight and an argument with me in her home;Clara never even tried to help me get a paid job of any and Clara is the one who asked me while I was a littlre girl only age 15,Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can HAVE A BABY THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU and she never gave me a time of day;SHE HATES MY GUTS she argued and said she was going to beat my ass and she tried to hit me in my face, she told me what I needed was a big black D private and  her son came out of his bed room and taken me to his room untill the coast was clear; it was summer time, dark out side and it was raining, I left out her front door and I never went back,   I been criminally abused, followed and harrassed by them people over decades; June 1988, my phone bell service was cut in the basement and 2 years later in 1990 child wefare came to my door and they came from 1990 to 2002 and in between. I know what I am talking about, my children never did need any protection away from me. I was the one who really needed the protection away from them people. over the years and decades, these are the same people who deprived me of my civil rights because they are relentlessly angry at me Carmella Barber and Clara Pumphrey stayed in California for 65 days and I got harassed by a crazy man I did not have nothing to do with at The Industries and I was at The Industries for only 65 days and my son was in Warren Park for 65 days and he was nearly killed for nothing that he did not do because somebody want the policy money.THEY TREATED ME AND MY CHILDREN LIKE AN OUTCAST, AND AN OUTSIDER, AN OBJECT, A BREEDER AND AN OUTSIDE BITCH, some laughed at me and they snickered saying there go Charlene I heard some people say that yes they did do that; I am not lying about that.


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