Everybody got a right to live; no one is perfect if you look for a person to be perfect, then you have a personal conflict somewhere with in yourself and somebody got a real personal vendetta against me every since I was only a very small child;  I like all other children I didn’t have no power and no control to where I would be taken to. I didn’t pick the parent, I didn’t pick the siblings and I didn’t pick the family as a whole so what is it about ME THAT THEM PEOPLE REALLY HATE, WHAT IS IT?  I’M NOT DUMB AND I’M NOT STUPID. they never told me that they Love me and they never told me You are my darling daughter. I never heard that from neither of those parents who took me to their family, I GOT HURT BY THE REJECTION FROM THE START. THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT AT ALL. I was an innocent baby too. where was I wrong at?  I had a right to be born too and live without unprovoked bias hate crimes and violence done to me for deeds I did not do to no one, I know better than that. YOU DON’T PICK ON  AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE, who you think are handicapped and  DIFFERENT THEN YOU ARE AND YOU DON’T PELT ROCKS AN AN AUTISTIC CHILD THAT IS WRONG AND IT IS CRIMINAL BULLYING. I AM TIRED OF BEING HAUNTED BY MY UNPLEASANT CHILDHOOD PAST IT IS VERY WRONG I ALREADY BEEN PUT THROUGH PURE HELL FROM THE  VERY BEGINNING AND THIS HAS CAUSED ME HEALTH PROBLEMS, I HAVE BEEN MENTALLY ABUSED TO THE POINT TO WHERE I SUFFERED A SERIOUS DEPRESSION AND A REAL NERVOUS WRECK BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE ABUSE EVERYBODY PUT ME THROUGH AND AS A RESULT I HAD TO BE PUT ON SEVERAL MEDICATIONS  SO  THAT I WON’T BE SUBJECT TO A STROKE AND A HEART ATTACK AND I DID SUFFER IN SILENCE FOR NOTHING I DONE. THEY DIDN’T DO NOBODY ELSE LIKE THAT AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO DYE MY HAIR BLACK, OR BROWN BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME TO DYE THAT S BLACK AND I SHOULD NOT HAD TO WEAR NO WIGS AT ALL. I HAVE MY OWN PERSON RIGHT TO WEAR MY HAIR BLONDE OR WHITE HAIR, THAT IS MY PERSONAL RIGHT TO LOOK THE WAY I AM SUPPOSED TO LOOK AND LOOK DIFFERENT AND WITH OUT BEING MESSED WITH FOR NOTHING AND NOTHING I DID TO ANY OF THEM PEOPLE, I GOT HURT BEING DEPRIVED OF MY BASIC NEEDS AND MY BASICS RIGHTS AND I AM  STILL SUFFERING TODAY AND YES IN 2012 AND NOTHING GOTTEN ANY BETTER FOR MYSELF AL ALL, EVEN THE MOTHER DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME,SHE DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME. I WAS NOT THE BAD KID IN THE FAMILY. AND I DIDN’T STEAL FROM NOBODY IN THIS FAMILY, I’M NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. This is not amuzing, that is not funny at all. We don’t live in an uncivilized society where people declare a war on people just because they were born with an inherited genetic condiction called ALBINISM, you don’t ever blame no child for that, I like all other children did not pick what I was born with THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT I COULD NOT HELP THAT AT ALL. AND I GOT HURT BEING SABOTAGED HURT BY PEOPLE WHO I BONDED WITH AND TRUSTED AND THAT WAS WRONG FROM THE BEGINNING BECAUSE CHILDREN DON’T KNOW NO BETTER AND THE CHILD DON’T HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.



  1. I been so severely abused and really hated by them people that they never told me that I was their darling daughtrer or loving child and I spent several years feeling guilt ridden because this family made me out to be a family and a people scapegoat and I got really blame for every thing I did not. they target and focus on me and they don’t want me to work,get paid and support myself and I really hate I was taken in this family.

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