I did not forget while I was being abused in that home; I was a little girl, a growing youth and a teenager, Tyrone Barber used to sneak up behind me and touch me in an inappropriate manner he was wrong for doing that and he was not supposed to touch me and squeeze my personal breast; he called my breast knobs,I felt very uncomfortable because it was very wrong he didn’t even apologize for that and years and one time I sat down on the sofa and he put his fingers in my behind, I jumped up off the sofa, I yelled at him I told Tyrone to stop don’t touch me like that no damn more.he laughted at me.he done me wrong there too. later he was arrested for pedophilia and registered with Illinois state. April’s parents used to bring her over for me to baby sit her April nearly got ran over by a car and I bothered to save he life to keep April’s ASS from being killed and I was not mean to her April is just used to being a spoiled brat and I know she hated me any way just like the rest of the family and they all think I am lacking in intelligence.


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