Why take unwanted children home?

The parents who took me home to this family should have left me behind and gave me a first and second of life so that I can live like a human being and hope for the best for me and for my sake and to allow me to receive the unconditional love and support that every child really do need and so that I  may have a future and not have my freedom restricted, and so that I would not have been played with like a toy and an object, them people toyed with my life, I suffered many losses and I nearly lost one of my children, them people never had no kind of love for me at all because I was not nothing to them people. They watched have my children behind my back just like you watch an animal give birth on the Discovery channel and over the years I gotten labeled like an object and I was chosen right behind my back and they did put tracking numbers on me from the start, such as 7,11,13,25,28,49,65 and 666 and I did see that and they been acting hostile and very superstitious about me and towards me and Carmella side of the family is from New Orleans LA. I am not trying to be funny because something is serious wrong somewhere. And why do got enemies I did not make and I did not provoke it no I did not do that and how did I get enemies that I didn’t know nothing about and they didn’t know nothing about either, that’s because somebody who don’t like been gossiping about me and they slandered me and they are liable to the letter and everybody do think I am a dumb bell and that I am lacking in intelligence, I am not a retarded person, I am not like that at all and all everybody did was just walked all over me and they stepped all over me and full of pure hatred, I never did know nothing about love because the hatred they got against me that was not no kind of love for me at all. I know the difference between love and hatred.

I am wondering why would a woman who don’t really want a child take child home to the family and all at the same time the husband flat out denied the child is his and then the father and the child never did get along and they never did see eye to eye at all and I was always afraid that man ; when he pulls up in the car. I would go straight to my bedroom so that I wouldn’t get in trouble with him. And he did make me develop very bad nerves and then her son named Tyrone Barber use to sneak up behind me and groped me he used to grab and squeeze both of my personal right and left breast calling them knobs and at the same time it happened more than once and I did tell Carmella Barber that yes I did tell her that.  I was watching TV the movie was in black and white, I sat down on the sofa he put his fingers in my behind.  I jumped up and I told him to stop! I yelled at him. Years later Tyrone Barber was arrested in Chicago, IL and he was charged with Pedophilia and he was registered with the state of Illinois.

Tyrone Barber pulled me in the wagon and he turned it over on me he made me hit my head on the brick wall outside of the house and I got a large bump on my face right in the middle of my face and I was crying because I got hurt and I was in pain and I never did forget that at all. Another problem I had is I was much too nice to people and they took me for a dumb ass instead and I should have been raised somewhere else. You don’t tread somebody who have albinism like a dumb ass, ignorance do kill. And it is wrong.

She deliberately isolated me and I don’t have any friends and I got hurt by everything. I got taken out of I In September 1961 at 5 year of age, I started kindergarten class and I didn’t get to finish. And when I return to school at age 7½ years old, that was 6 month just before I turned 8 years old and age 10, I got transferred to another school and entered a 3rd grade class and then I got bullied and picked on and targeted. I was targeted in elementary and high schools. And they still treated me like a child who does not know any better. And I’m still living, my life is not normal even today. I suffered depression for several years. It was situational depression because of family abuse I was put through and the family still turns their back on me. And I also suffer nightmares. I suffered years of child abuse and child neglect. I was hurt by everything from the start. Why do people listen to everybody else. And why do people ignore me; people always been ignoring me for far too many years and for far too long and for that length of time I don’t want to live like this,  This is not the way for me to live. This is not nothing can’t support your own self that don’t make no kind of sense at all; no it don’t.


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