A Child Is Born Innocent

Anybody who don’t want a child takes a child home to their family. They are robbing the child’s right of his or her life and their future. They will be very hostile and  very cruel towards that child and no child is beneath  Nobody like that I don’t care who they are. We are people and it doesn’t matter.and Patricia Metcalf Barber waited 13 years before she took me to her house,  there is a sibling rivalry, I am wondering why would you move in that person’s home when they never liked you. she told me When he or she leaves town, you can stay in my place and when I ask how much will she charge me to stay in her house he told me I won’t charge you nothing.   Houses aren’t free to live in somebody got to pay for the house she told me that;  what are they getting at? And she never did  ike me at all. That doesn’t looks safe. It’s a set-up and it’s a trap. but and after she told me I can stay in her house for free.later she sent me a text message telling me House is expensive to up keep and my brother and I don’t have a clue but I had my house first and I had to flee for nothing I did to no one.when I was in Milwaukee Wisconsin I purchased my home first in a neighbor where I didn’t know anyone there and I had to flee because of several fires and other incidents and it was unprovoked and I didn’t provoked that trouble at all, I was minding my very own business there  like I always did every since I was a child who was unwanted and I never lived a normal life no way all because of the hatred and hostility against me and yet it was never even explained to me why and I am wondering how to deal with this, I thought I just ask. so many good things been said already I was just wondering. I NEVER HAD NO FAMILY BACK UP.IT IS AS IF I DONE SOMETHING TO SOMEONE AND OR TOOK SOMETHING. I NEVER HAD NO PEACE. AND I COULDN’T EVEN RELAX AT ALL.


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