I am really tired of this family criminally manipulating me. my whole entire life they always controlled me to the point to where they dictated to me how to live what to do and what I cannot do. THEY POLKED THEIR NOSES IN MY BED ROOM and THEY TREATED ME LIKE A CHILD and I did have serious trouble finding a decent paid career with good benefits and vacation time with pay and when an outside person tried to help me get a good paid office job, I was suddenly let go on the same day I started and I could have made a few friends. I was put out of work on purpose,  I been sabotaged again. LOOK AT THE MEDICAL SCHOOL I WENT TO THAT GOT SABOTAGED TOO. I CAN’T SUPPORT MYSELF AND THIS FAMILY DON’T CARE IF I LIVE OR DIE BECAUSE THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME AT ALL, WELL THEY DON’T WANT ME TO WORK AND EARN MY OWN MONEY  THE WAY I GOT A RIGHT AND ILLINOIS STATE WILL NOT EVEN GIVE ME NO MEDICAL CARD SO  I CAN’T  PAY MY DOCTOR BILLS, THE EYE DOCTOR AND I NEED A NEW PAIR OF EYE GLASSES .AND  I NEED DENTAL HELP AND NOT ONE PERSON WILL NOT EVEN HELP ME AT ALL.  ALL THEM PEOPLE PUT ME AT A REAL FINANCIAL DISADVANTAGE,  I CAN’T RELY ON NONE OF THEM PEOPLE. THEY DIDN’T ACCEPT ME IN THE FAMILY. I WAS ONLY JUST ANOTHER MOUTH TO FEED JUST LIKE AN ANIMAL. September 1976, I didn’t obtain a job, they put me out of the home on the streets of Chicago Illinois and I went to the grandmother’s home.she took me in and told me Charlene at least you are not out of doors and I called the so-called parents home on Thanksgiving day 1976 the grandmother got oo her daughter’s case because her husband was talking smack and I can come back to a dangerously hostile home enviroment, if I just sit down and keep my mouth shut and was dangerous and very disrespectul I was a 20 year old young adult women and I had a right to speak my opinion without getting hurt or killed by them parents and anybody else in that. the mother’s mother told me don’t go back there.she did take the telephone and got on the mother’s case because of how they treated me that was very wrong and very dangerous  some of them mothers do turn a blind eye when it comes to their man.   Patricia Barber Metcalf she never did accept me for her sister at all. she made her father pick up a broom stick in my face, he damn near slammed the broom stick in my face and he told me to take off my eye glasses, I was nearly scared to death and he didn’t ask me no questions no he didn’t give me a chance to explain anything; he was always irritated with me because of Me being the white man’s child. that was not my fault. (HE TOLD ME NEXT TIME I WILL KNOCK YOU BLACK) them people always stayed really angry with me for things that was not my fault and THE WOMEN WHO SUPPOSE TO BE A MOTHER TO ME, SHE TOOK ME OUT OF KINDERGARTEN CLASS AND I DIDN’T GET A CHANCE TO FINISH AND COMPLETE.AND I WAS NOT IN NO HOSPITAL, i didn’t need to be isolated away from school and peer socialization that was not fair to me at all it was very wrong from the start. and I was not allowed to attend until I was age 7½ years old and age 10 I was put in a 3rd grade classroom and then they made me repeat the 3rd grade class that put me behind even much further in school, she didn’t want me to learn absolutely not a damn thing, just be a  dumb ass because I wasn’t nothing to her no way. I can never talk to her and I could never tell her any thing at all and when I only asked her to take my name off of her home she said I was getting her into me and Patricia’s S***I was not told any details about the home at all and I don’t want nothing to do with nothing she got at all and she never showed me no document of that with my name on that house and she said she was not going to take my name off of the home I will stay out of that altogether because I was not treated like a family at all.

I know this family is not my family I was in a first time home buyers program. I had a right to purchase my own home. Don’t shoot me like an albino animal.   Why didn’t that B-witch leave me behind and why don’t them people just leave me the HELL ALONE. them people hurt me really bad they did put me through far to many changes for nothing that I done and the mother didn’t do nothing when all of those students were picking on me at the high school and when I wanted to transfer to another high school.she acted like she had no concern and no time to deal with me and I had left the high school because I got tired of them students picking on me and bullying.  I was being abused at the home and I was being picked on and bullied at school, a child can not learn too good like that under those hostile condictions, that was not no co-incident they just didn’t want me to make it thats all. I am not no animal and I am not an object without any intelligence. I am a person also, a woman who never wanted me for her child, she was not supposed to take me to that darn family like I was an animal  just to use me and throw me away like trash. Patricia Barber Metcalf called me to ask me in the fall 1994, she asked me  about my personal home and suddenly in January 1995, Graffiti has been written all over my garage. I was always a shy and a quiet, I never bother no damn body I was not the trouble maker in this family and the people REALLY HATED MY GUTS FOR NOTHING BECAUSE I WAS NOTHING TO THIS DAMN FAMILY AT ALL, They didn’t want me in their family, they never accepted me in their family at all. THEY NEVER HAD NO KIND OF LOVE FOR ME AND THAT IS FOR NOTHING I DID NOT DO TO NONE OF THEM PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY AT ALL. AND I DID NOT HAVE NO KIND OF PEOPLE SUPPORT FROM THIS FAMILY AT ALL. ALL I GOT WAS PURE HATRED WITH ALL KINDS OF HATE CRIMES DID TO ME FOR NOTHING I DID NOT EVEN DO TO ANY OF THEM PEOPLE AT ALL, THAT WAS BECAUSE I WAS NOT WANTED AND I AN STILL NOT WANTED IN THIS FAMILY AT ALL.  I REALLY REALLY DO HATE THAT I WAS TAKEN TO THE WRONG FAMILY, I DID NOT HAVE NO POWER AND I DID NOT HAVE NO CONTROL JUST LIKE ALL OTHER INNOCENT BABIES. I REALLY DO REGRET BEING TAKEN THERE AND I REALLY WISH THEY HAD LEFT ME BEHIND AND JUST LET ALONE SO THAT I CAN HAVE ME A GOOD FUTURE WITHOUT being rejected,denied,unwanted,refused,hated for things I did not even do to no one at all and I should not had been used, blamed,punished abushed and bullied and punished with vigilante style BSL.it was criminal.dangerous and it is very wrong from the very beginning and from the start. YOU DON’T JUST HURT PEOPLE FOR NOTHING THEY DIDN’T DO TO YOU AND YOU DON’T GIVE THEM NO CHANCE TO EVEN DEFEND THEMSELVES, YOU ARE VERY WRONG DOING THAT BS.IT IS WRONGL.  They set a halloween day on me October 31, 1994; a move in date. This is punishment on me too.  THEY BEEN USING  NUMBER 7s and 13s on me for several years because they are really very hateful and hostile against me and towards me for nothing I done to none of them people and I could not live in this family without all of that hatred against me for nothing I did.

All this because I was taken in the wrong family, them people are superstitious to the core.

There were several fires set on the home a mover date that was on holloween day. And they been using labels and tracking numbers on me and they was putting labels on my kids too and they also put tracking numbers on my children too. I don’t know what these people in the family think   I am and what I am made of.

Hey people don’t forget the woman who supposed to be the mother took me out of kindergarten;  I didn’t get a chance to finish kindergarten school level at all.  Why would a Black mother take her child out of school? What to hide the child, to hide me, I think so. Black people have fought and died for their rights and their children rights to attend school and to get an equal education.

When I was taken out of school. I was put several years behind in school and I got picked on too. (targeted) That was very deliberate.  Even though I always minded my very own business while I tried to work a very low paid job some years ago ,and I never did bother anybody there some people did start trouble by harassing me and they did pose a serious safety threat for nothing I done and for nothing I did not even say about any of them at all, I am not like that. know I don’t think I can never work out side of my home because of the reputational damages this family caused me for nothing I did not do to none of them people.


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